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Have you ever felt isolated in your fashion career, unable to connect with peers from other departments or categories?

Do you find it challenging to collaborate with professionals outside your immediate network?

Are you frustrated by the limitations of general networking platforms that don’t cater to fashion professionals?
Would you like to connect with professionals from different areas of expertise to gain a broader understanding and fresh perspectives in your field?
Or perhaps you experience a bit of everything mentioned above?
If you've ever wondered about any of these questions, congratulations – you're part of us.
Thousands of fashion talents worldwide face these challenges and struggle to find solutions.
As an Activewear Designer, I too faced these challenges.

" I wish we didn't have to build this. Our goal is to set up fundamentals so that we are no longer required ".

Connecting the Entire Fashion Industry

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Why Should Fashion Sourcing Be Complex?

Sourcing should be easy and fun, not a boring chore.

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Hold up.
Don't find a community that suits you?
Create your own.
It’s that simple.
Hey Sophie, I’ve been focusing on tailored pieces, but I’m curious about flou design. How different is it working with light, flowing fabrics compared to structured ones?
What techniques are best for handling light fabrics?
Hi Alex! Flou design is a whole new ballgame. It involves a lot of draping and playing with the fabric's natural fall. Unlike structured pieces, flou designs require more delicate handling and precise techniques to create those fluid, ethereal silhouettes. It can be challenging, but the softness and movement you get are absolutely worth it.
Just ask.
Hana curates personalized connections and resources to elevate your career, ensuring you find the right opportunities and fostering collaboration and innovation.
Let Hana guide you. Effortlessly.
Navigating the fashion industry should be
Focus on building meaningful relationships while we handle the complexities. Spend more time collaborating and innovating, and less time searching.
Product development to production. Marketing to the atelier. Textile engineers to designers. Footwear to apparel.
Creativity knows no boundaries. Neither should your network.
Get to know them.
Or them.
Or even them.
Not strangers, your network.
True relationships are forged through human connection, not technology.
Hana helps you inspire your journey.
Embrace the Evolution of Fashion Networking
Hana makes it easy.
Redefine Your Network.
Nurture Relationships.
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