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Fall 2024

Fashion's Limitless Canvas

The canvas of fashion is yours to paint. Unlock global connections, uncover hidden industry insights, and harness specific tools to redefine the very boundaries of your craft. Collaborate with your peers, access untapped resources, and shape the future of a industry driven by boundless possibility.

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Your Network.
Your Path.

Fashion evolves. So do you. The right connections emerge at pivotal moments, tailored to your journey. Your network expands as you grow, reflecting your true aspirations. In this dynamic world of style, each interaction propels you forward, weaving the unique fabric of your fashion story.


Job Offers. Unexpectedly Powerful.

Nari's intelligent job posting rating system is your key to unlocking a new level of hiring success. Dive into in-depth analysis and actionable insights that empower you to create job posts that don't just attract candidates, but inspire the very best to join your team.

The New Global Fashion Collective.

Transcend boundaries and time zones. Instantly connect with trendsetters, artisans, and industry pioneers across the fashion landscape. Your next collaboration or breakthrough idea is just a conversation away.

From local to global - your network, boundless.

3 Is Your Lucky Number

Global Connections
Global Connections
Emily Johnson

Hana breaks down geographical barriers, connecting you with fashion innovators worldwide. It learns your international ambitions and matches you with the right global partners.

Seamless Collaboration
Michael Brown

Hana doesn't just connect; it facilitates. By understanding your projects and goals, it suggests collaborators whose skills complement yours, fostering partnerships that push creative boundaries.

Curated Resources
Sarah Williams

From manufacturers to talents, Hana identifies the resources you need before you even ask. It analyzes your work and aspirations to present you with opportunities that fuel your growth in the industry.

Your Fashion's Constellation.

Each connection sparkles with potential, offering a gateway to fresh perspectives and unique collaborations. Navigate this diverse galaxy of creativity, where your next inspiration awaits. Who will you discover in this ever-expanding fashion cosmos?

Enjoy Sourcing Again

Filtered, Complete, Powerful, Nothing More.

Elevate Your Fashion Sourcing

Sourcing Should Be Fun.

Say goodbye to outdated supplier databases. Hana analyzes your needs, learning from every interaction to connect you with the most relevant and reliable suppliers and manufacturers. Focus on your craft while Hana optimizes your sourcing process while you get the rest you deserve.

Your Goals

Style It. Define It. Update It. Repeat.

Each step, each connection, and each collaboration brings you closer to your goals. Discover new opportunities and advance your career with the seamless support of Hana.

Imagine a future where your network anticipates your needs and evolves with your ambitions. Together, we shape the future of fashion.

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Custom is The Only Trend That Matters.

A network that understands your interests and connects you with people who inspire and drive you forward. Hana will anticipate your needs, recommending individuals who share your passions and are worth having meaningful conversations with.

Our long-term vision is to create a global network that not only connects but evolves with the dynamic needs of the fashion industry. We are committed to driving innovation, fostering collaborations, and opening doors to new opportunities, ensuring every connection counts.

It Grows With You.

Hana will anticipate your needs before you do. An intelligent engine that learns your unique style and goals.

Evolves as you push boundaries. Seamlessly adapts to your changing vision in the dynamic world of fashion.

Hana will ensure timely and relevant recommendations by understanding your current interests. It will identify potential talents and uncover new opportunities, providing an effortlessly efficient and targeted networking experience that evolves with your needs, effortlessly.

Data Security.

As Hana learns and evolves, your data remains secure. Advanced encryption and privacy measures ensure your professional insights are protected at every step.

Commitment to the highest privacy standards.
Transparent data usage policies.
Compliance with global regulations (GDPR).

The Intelligence Behind Network.

Hana is the intelligent engine driving Network. While Network connects you with fashion professionals worldwide, Hana works behind the scenes, learning, adapting, and ensuring every connection is meaningful and tailored to your unique journey in the fashion industry.

Get Inspired. Globally.

Expand your horizons with connections that bring fresh perspectives and exciting opportunities. Hana paves the way for endless possibilities in your career.

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Privacy. Built In.

Your network’s power lies in its privacy. Hana is built to protect your data at every stage. Our technology ensures that your professional insights are utilized without ever compromising your personal information. Through innovative security measures, Hana offers sophisticated networking capabilities while keeping your data safe and private.

Our Vision

Step Into Tomorrow. An Engine That Anticipates, Connects, Before You Even Ask.

Anticipation builds. A leap in fashion networking approaches. Prepare for an ecosystem that will learn, adapt, and connect you to possibilities you've yet to imagine.

The Future is Closer Than You Think.

Limited Invitations.
Be Part of The Genesis.

Cultivating quality from the start. Each early member is handpicked, ensuring a foundation of meaningful connections. As we grow, our community will shape itself—new talent will join through member invitations. It's about creating a space where every interaction inspires. Your network, elevated.

Shape the future of fashion networking. Be among the first to experience Hana's power.
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