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Can you define a list of candidates for this job offer?
Sure, send me your PDF over, but I can do even better.
Really? How will you do that?

Designers. Product Developers. Garment Technologists. Pattern Makers. Visual Merchandisers. Textile Engineers. Sustainability & Compliance.

and so much more.

I need the candidate to have a good knowledge of the different measurements and settings used to determine the thickness and texture of knit fabrics.
Do you mean gauges? Could you provide more details on the type of fabrics or applications you're focusing on?
You can finally speak the same language as the talents you plan to interview.
No more wasted time in meetings that don’t match your pending offers.
Nari crafts
detailed fashion job postings.
Focusing on
Ensuring you consider the questions candidates really think of. No more generic listings – only the talents you truly need.
Handpicking your ideal candidates have never been easier.
Define an offer by sending the job description. Then, fill in the pre-filled form in just a few minutes.
Nari will either fill in the missing information or define the questions to build more trust with your future coworkers.
Years of experience required?
Knowledge of specific leather types?
Location flexibility?
Key responsibilities?
Experience in vegetable-tanned leather?
Never mind, found them.
Here you go.
Can the candidate demonstrate their proficiency in Clo3D by creating simulations with detailed fabric dynamics, like multi-layered draping?
Hold up. What is multi-layered draping?
This technique is essential for achieving realistic, dynamic draping effects, where each layer interacts with the others and responds to movement and gravity, enhancing the authenticity of the virtual garment.
Can you specify familiarity with seamless knitting and ultrasonic welding?
Just ask.
Nari also advises on making your offers as effective, specific, and short as possible. Speak the same language, don’t waste time. Keep it genuine. Clarity in every job offer ensures candidates know exactly what to expect.
Write something not even you can fully understand.
Nari will clean it in front of your eyes.

Spend more time on relevant candidates.
Understanding their expertise, specializations, and personality in a small selection of talents. Spend more time getting to know your next coworkers and ensure a perfect cultural fit.

Spend time on them.
Or on them.
Or even on them.
Not on databases.
Focus on Talent. Not Databases.
From anywhere.
Because all you need is the internet.
Imagine a seamless recruitment experience, driven by AI, that saves you time and connects you with the right talent.
This isn't just a dream.
It's the reality with Nari.
Embrace the next generation of fashion recruitment.
Nari makes it possible.
Translating Fashion Expertise for Better Recruitment Outcomes.
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