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Focus on each unique fashion role. Tailor your recruitment efforts to the specific needs of the position, ensuring you bring the best talent to your team.

Narrow the Search, Enhance the Match.

Create detailed job offers that clearly articulate your needs, ensuring you attract the right candidates. Focus on specificity and clarity to make your offers stand out.

Quality >>> Volume

Explore How to Define Your Search

Refine for Precision

Tailor your job offers with insights and suggestions to ensure they are targeted and incisive. Speak the same language as the talents based on their expertise to attract those who truly fit your needs.

Craft Incisive Job Offers

Define detailed and sharp job offers that act as a filter to attract only the most suitable candidates. By being clear and specific, you reduce the time spent on evaluating mismatched candidates.

Streamline Filtering and Sorting

Create precise job offers to simplify the task of filtering and sorting candidates. This effort is minimized, allowing you to quickly identify and focus on the right candidates.

Enhance Candidate Engagement

Provide a clear and transparent recruitment process to engage with candidates more effectively. Engage early with potential candidates to build trust. Foster relationships for better engagement when hiring.

Understand Candidates

Gather the necessary information to understand if a candidate is a good cultural fit. Evaluate their wants, dislikes, and expectations to get a comprehensive view beyond just their portfolio or resume.

Score Your Way to Better Talent Engagement.

Enhance your job offers with detailed scoring. By assessing various criteria such as clarity, expectations, and environment, identify areas for improvement, ensuring your offers are as compelling and clear as possible.

Clarity of Mission

  • Purpose Statement: Clearly define the role's purpose within the company.
  • Responsibilities Outline: Provide a detailed list of job responsibilities.
  • Goals and Objectives: Specify short-term and long-term goals for the position.


  • Skills and Qualifications: Clearly list the required and preferred skills and qualifications.
  • Experience Level: Define the necessary experience level for the role.
  • Performance Metrics: Outline how success will be measured in this role.

Work Environment

  • Company Culture: Describe the company culture and values.
  • Team Dynamics: Provide information about the team structure and dynamics.
  • Work Conditions: Detail the working conditions, including remote work options, office location, and work hours.

Growth Opportunities

  • Career Path: Outline potential career paths and progression within the company.
  • Training and Development: Specify available training and development programs.
  • Mentorship Opportunities: Highlight any mentorship programs or opportunities for professional growth.

Compensation and Benefits

  • Salary Range: Provide a clear salary range for the position.
  • Benefits Package: Detail the benefits package, including health insurance, retirement plans, and other perks.
  • Incentives and Bonuses: Mention any incentives, bonuses, or performance-based rewards.

Application Process

  • Application Steps: Clearly outline the steps in the application process.
  • Timeline: Provide a timeline for the recruitment process.
  • Communication: Explain how and when candidates will be communicated with during the process.
Nailed It!
Congrats! You've reached 85 points. You've outperformed 88% of job offers on the market. Keep up the great work!

Invest in People, Not Ads

Focus on building lasting relationships and finding the right fit without wasting resources on traditional advertisements.

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Trust First. Hire Later.

Build trust with future talents by engaging them early. Create transparent and compelling job offers that reflect your company's values and culture.

Transparency is Key.

Why Go Public When Precision Matters?

  • Enhanced Match Quality: By narrowing your job offer audience, you engage with candidates who are a perfect fit for your roles, reducing mismatches and hiring risks.

  • Improved Engagement: Candidates feel valued when they receive targeted job offers, leading to higher interest and better engagement throughout the recruitment process.

  • Efficient Recruitment: Focus your efforts on the most promising candidates, saving time and resources while increasing the overall effectiveness of your hiring strategy.

Focus on the few who truly fit, not the many who don’t.

Nari: The Magic Behind Apshan Studio

Use Nari to create clear, attractive job offers that resonate with fashion talents. Leverage Nari's insights to understand what candidates are looking for.

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Unleashing Nari’s Potential

Nari’s Native Language is Fashion

Define detailed and sharp job offers that act as a filter to attract only the most suitable candidates. By being clear and specific, you reduce the time spent on evaluating mismatched candidates.

Understanding Talent with Precision

Nari delves deep into each job role, providing insights and suggestions to help you craft job descriptions that are clear, detailed, and compelling. By understanding the nuances of the fashion industry, Nari ensures your job postings attract the right talent.

Transforming Job Descriptions

With Nari, your job postings are transformed into compelling narratives that speak the language of fashion professionals. This ensures that your job descriptions are not only precise but also engaging, attracting candidates who are a true fit for the role.

Enhancing Clarity and Specificity

Nari helps you define job offers with the clarity and specificity needed to stand out in the fashion industry. By focusing on the details that matter most, you can ensure your job offers are compelling and attractive to the right candidates.

Streamlining Recruitment Processes

Nari automates the process of refining job descriptions, allowing you to focus on strategic decisions and personal interactions. From crafting the initial job post to finalizing the details, Nari ensures a smooth and efficient recruitment journey.

Building Relationships, Not Transactions

Nari emphasizes the importance of building relationships with potential hires. By providing detailed and clear job descriptions, Nari helps you engage with candidates in a meaningful way, leading to better candidate experiences and stronger connections.

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more accurate candidate matching.

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Reduction in time spent on recruitment.

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Break Free from Copy-Paste

Customize each job offer to match the unique requirements of the position and attract the best candidates. Stop expecting volume; expect precision, engagement, and a perfect fit.

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Fashion Data-Trained Engine

Impact with Fewer Words

Craft concise job offers that pack a punch. Focus on delivering essential information clearly and effectively, proving that less can indeed be more.

Invest in Growth, Elevate the Industry

Investing in career development through a specialized third-party enhances the overall quality of the industry. Focus on your core strengths while contributing to a better workspace.

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Focus on What You Do Best

Let specialized partners handle career growth, while you deliver expert training in your core areas.

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