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Fall 2024

The Power of Words in Fashion Recruitment

Transform your talent acquisition process with Nari, the AI-powered engine that speaks the language of fashion. Discover the perfect candidates, foster meaningful connections, and make data-driven hiring decisions. Experience the future of fashion recruitment, tailored to your needs.

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Precision Beats Volume Every Time.

Stop wasting time on irrelevant candidates. With Nari, you'll create job postings that speak directly to the designers, pattern makers, textile engineers, and merchandisers you need. Nari helps you understand the specific vocabulary of each fashion role, so you can speak the language of your ideal candidate and stand out in a sea of generic listings.

Decoding Fashion's Language

Understand the unique terminology of every fashion role.
Craft job descriptions that resonate with the right candidates.
Attract top talent and reduce irrelevant applications.
Save time and effort in your recruitment process.

Ready for Fashion Forward Hiring?

Where Fashion Whispers, Nari Listens.

Leverage advanced language analysis to craft job postings that resonate on a profound level. Speak directly to the heart of industry conversations and attract top talent that truly understands your vision.

Essence Over Experience

Uncover what truly drives top talent in fashion. Create postings that are authentic, magnetic, and unforgettable. Bridge the gap between your brand and the brightest minds in the industry.

Their Needs, Before They Voice Them.

Tap into the words and tone that resonate with your ideal candidates. Create instant connections that spark passion and inspire top talent to join your mission. Build a fashion dream team that shares your vision and propels your brand forward.

Your Words.
Their World.

Rating System

Job Offers. Unexpectedly Powerful.

Nari's intelligent job posting rating system is your key to unlocking a new level of hiring success. Dive into in-depth analysis and actionable insights that empower you to create job posts that don't just attract candidates, but inspire the very best to join your team.


Get specific, actionable recommendations on how to improve your posts.

Benchmark your job posts against industry best practices and see how you measure up.

The Power of Four


Paint Their Future

Create job posts that resonate deeply with your ideal candidates. Spark genuine connections with the brightest talents in your field, and inspire them to envision a future with your company.

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Highlight growth opportunities and paint a picture of the impact candidates can make.
Communicate your commitment to your team's success and well-being.

Your Vision.
Their Potential.

Nari's job posting rating system is more than just a tool - Elevate your hiring process beyond just filling positions. Build a team of talents who share your vision and drive your mission forward.

Discover the transformative power of fashion job posts that truly inspire.

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Actionable Suggestions

The Power of Hiring Insights.

Unlock AI-powered insights tailored to your unique job posting. Craft language that resonates, highlight key information that engages, and align your tone to attract the right talent. Ensure every aspect of your posting is comprehensive and compelling. Transform your words into a powerful magnet for exceptional candidates.

Refine your language to better resonate with your target candidates.
Highlight key information to make your posting more scannable and engaging.
Optimize your tone and style to align with your brand and attract the right talent.
Ensure your posting is comprehensive, covering all essential aspects of the role.

Clarity Through Curiosity.

Refine your vision of the ideal candidate. Uncover essential skills, articulate unique selling points, and map growth potential. Define the intangible qualities that ensure a perfect fit. Explore crucial aspects like company culture and long-term career paths.

Ask smarter questions. Build stronger teams.

Nari helps you gain a more comprehensive understanding of what you're looking for, enabling you to craft postings that attract not just qualified candidates, but those who are truly suited for success within your organization.

Write Smarter, Hire Better

Refine your approach with actionable insights. Attract not just candidates, but the right talents who will shape your company's future.

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