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Hi, I'm In Soo, founder of Apshan.
Let me tell you our genesis.

High above the city.

At the observatory in Apsan Park, Daegu, South Korea.


Where mountains embrace the horizon. I found clarity. Apsan Park, a place of reflection. Han, a river that separates and unites.

Apshan means nothing but everything at the same time.
While details often go unnoticed,
this single letter highlights how minor adjustments can redefine an entire concept.

Because it is not what it means that matters.
But the meaning we give it.

Apsan is where my vision was born.
Inspired by the vast, all-encompassing view from Apsan Park's observatory in Daegu.
Han represents the Han River, a symbol of connection and flow, bridging the divide between North and South Korea.

Together, Apshan embodies a vision of unity and interconnectedness, bringing a comprehensive perspective to the fashion industry.
Our fashion ecosystem took shape.
Redefining fashion through collaboration.
Overlooking the sprawling city. I saw the fashion industry as a whole. Disconnected and fragmented.
There must be another way.
Driven by a desire to make a difference.
To address the frustrations I heard over and over.
To create transparency in an opaque industry.
To promote sustainability at every step.
To rethink processes that were outdated.
Apshan aims strives for a better future.

Apshan builds a global ecosystem.

Empowering the fashion industry.
Guided by Clarity
Centered on relationships.
Driven by collaboration.
Built by the fashion community.
For the fashion community.
Apshan is a promise. To enhance careers. And foster connections. For companies and talents alike.

Write. Attract. Hire.

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