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ROI Calculator FAQ: Understanding Your Potential Savings

How accurate is this ROI calculator?

The calculator provides an estimate based on industry averages and typical efficiency gains. While it's designed to give a realistic projection, actual results may vary depending on your specific recruitment processes and organizational factors.

Why do you use "Time to Fill" instead of "Time to Hire"?

We use "Time to Fill" because it provides a more comprehensive view of the entire recruitment process. While "Time to Hire" measures the time from first candidate contact to offer acceptance, "Time to Fill" includes the critical period from job posting to first contact. This gives a fuller picture of recruitment efficiency and areas where Apshan can help streamline the process.

How does Apshan help reduce non-relevant interviews?

Apshan uses advanced AI and machine learning algorithms to better match candidates with job requirements, reducing the number of interviews with candidates who aren't a good fit for the role.

Can I use this calculator for different team sizes or countries?

Yes, the calculator allows you to adjust the number of job openings and select different countries to accommodate various team sizes and locations.

Why does Apshan cost hundreds when we already have in-house recruiters?

Apshan is not designed to replace your in-house recruiters but to significantly enhance their effectiveness. The cost reflects the value our tool brings in terms of time saved and improved efficiency. By optimizing job descriptions and reducing the "noise" of irrelevant applications, Apshan allows your recruiters to focus more on engaging with high-quality candidates. This leads to faster hiring times, better candidate matches, and ultimately, cost savings that typically far exceed the investment in our tool. Think of Apshan as a force multiplier for your existing recruitment team, helping them work smarter and more efficiently.

Does Apshan provide end-to-end candidate matching?

Our focus is on optimizing the initial stages of recruitment through improved job descriptions and targeted language. We are developing advanced matching capabilities for future releases, but at present, our tools are designed to enhance the efficiency of your existing recruitment process rather than replace it entirely. Currently, Apshan does not provide end-to-end candidate matching.

What's included in the full price?

The cost includes access to our current suite of recruitment optimization tools, focusing on job description enhancement and targeted candidate attraction. The cost varies based on the number of job openings you're handling monthly. As we develop new features, including advanced matching capabilities, these will be incorporated into the Pro package.

Why does the price change based on the number of job openings?

Our pricing structure is designed to scale with your recruitment needs. As the number of job openings increases, so does the complexity and volume of work involved in optimizing these listings. The tiered pricing ensures that smaller teams can access our tools at a lower cost, while larger teams with more extensive needs receive a volume-based discount, ensuring value at every level of use.